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More Testimonials

“My family is very grateful for every thing that you did for Renj not only with academics but in his overall well-being. He has learned a lot of life lessons and we have seen lots of improvements form him. We can’t thank you enough! We wish Cambridge more success and be part of more and more kids’ journey! Renj will really miss his stay in Cambridge.”
– Josephine (Renj’s mom)

“I would like to say thank you very much for being an attentive, responsive and caring childcare provider. You understood what Lena’s needs were and took care of her really well. She has surely learned lots during her time at this day care. Thank you for everything”
– Yurim (Lena’s mom)

“Thank you for being AMAZING teachers! Areya has thoroughly enjoyed her two years at the centre. Each one of you has left a positive and warm impact on her. She is truly going to miss all of you and her friends! Thank you for being kind and generous. Hopefully her experience in kindergarten will be just as positive!”
– Sonia (Areya’s Mom)

“We appreciate everything you’ve done for us. With your support, Kai is growing up a lot and also Sara and I have been able to have a stable life here in Canada. You are lifesavers!”
– Tomomi (Sora and Kai’s Mom)

“Karcie misses your school, she always mentions everyone and how she learned a lot of things at your place. She is currently attending Garderie de la Coccinelle in Ecole Gabriel Roy in Surrey and will automatically move to Kindergarten in this french school this coming school year. Again, thank you very much for providing my daughter such a good foundation in her education; teachers are impressed how smart she is. God bless you and more power to your school and staff.”
– Mercy (Karcie’s Mom)

“This is not a school that just teaches how to count or read alphabets, but allows the child to be oneself. Surrounded by good friends and teachers in a clean, secure environment, our son has been very happy attending school every day.”
– Cindy (Michael’s Mom) 

“I am so blessed to have found this school for my child. You can see genuine care and devotion from the experienced teachers. Joyce truly understands my concerns and emotions as a first time mom, My child always comes home with a smile and anticipates going back the following day. Immersing the children in a bilingual environment is very stimulating and rewarding. They quickly grasp the new knowledge through play and interaction with one another. I highly recommend sending your child to Cambridge!”
– Fiona (Ayden’s Mom)

“Thanks for being such fantastic teachers and for all your constant encouragement and support. Liya loves you all.”
– Liya’s Mom 

“Many thanks for your wonderful guidance and support in preparing Maggie for Kindergarten. Thanks to you all! We wish you good luck in your important roles as early educators.”
– Maggie’s Mom