“We have been a part of the Cambridge Montessori family for the past 3 years. From learning new languages, to creating colorful art projects, to solving complex math problems, Cambridge provides a fun, safe and challenging environment that allowed our girls to explore their strengths and interests. The teachers are all warm, caring, and patient.  We have watched our girls grow into smart, kind, and confident individuals during their time here. Our oldest daughter is now in kindergarten and had absolutely no problem adjusting and is more than capable than keeping up with the curriculum. The knowledge and skills learned at Cambridge will stay with our girls for years to come.”
– James and Connie (Sophia and Penelope’s parents)

“Although I pick up and drop off Gavin everyday, I never had a chance to have a closer look at the school. One day, I could not find my son’s new water bottle, so one of the teachers suggested me to look around, upstairs and downstairs. All the children were in the playground and no one was in the classroom. I noticed that all the toys were placed in an organized manner and in the right category. The sleeping mats in the nap room were neatly stacked, the bathroom was clean, and there was no odor. Everything is neat and clean every single day. The teachers must be teaching the children very well. I looked around the classroom, and I was moved. I expressed my deepest gratitude to the teachers, and they were very humble about it. They said that the only reason they do well is because of Miss Joyce. Every time I ask my son how he feels about the daycare, he says “Miss Sujin likes me, Miss Nerita likes me,” and I’m glad to hear it. All the teachers welcome new students, and talk to them kindly and patiently. I think I found a right place for my son. Thank you! Bless every teacher!”
– Linda (Gavin’s mom)

“As a parent of a child that just graduated from the preschool program at Cambridge Montessori, I recommend it without hesitation!  The teachers are warm, caring and patient and welcomed my daughter Layla with open arms.  The school itself is a safe, fun place where Layla made so many good friends and had so many wonderful experiences.  She has gained so much knowledge with the help of her amazingly dedicated teachers. Thank you to Joyce, Karine and to all of the other teachers who were such good role models for Layla.  She was encouraged and supported right from the start, and I will always appreciate that!  Our family will always look back on our experiences with Cambridge with fondness and we are so thankful for all the teachers did for Layla.”
– Kim (Layla’s mom)

“There aren’t enough words to describe how much our family appreciates everything the teachers from Cambridge Montessori School have done for me and my little one. My daughter has been joyful to attend Cambridge Montessori and she has learned a lot from the teachers and the other students. I would recommend Cambridge Montessori School to anyone who needs safe, loving and supportive care for their child. Thank you for being a part of her life in a positive way!!!”
– Nayoung (Eilleen’s Mom)

“Cambridge Montessori Children’s House has been one of the best experiences we’ve had as first time parents, hands down. Before attending, Sara didn’t have any friends and wasn’t sure how to interact with other kids having only been around adults, but not only did she learn how to make friends and play with other children she has learned so much more.  Dedication is the only word that really describes the level of care the teachers show for each and every child.  Through them, Sara has learned a love of languages, reading, math and music but best of all she is excited to continue learning outside the classroom.  We cannot imagine having her anywhere else and we are extremely grateful for the love her teachers have shown her over the past two years.”
– Jenny and Alton (Sara’s parents)

“Our daughter has been attending this school for over two years now and she has had a wonderful time. The teacher’s at this preschool are wonderful. They have helped our daughter to learn everything from French, Mandarin, music, counting, using safety scissors and safely cutting paper and how to be polite and mind manners, among numerous other things. This school is one of the best we have ever seen. I have seen the care and devotion that Ms. Joyce puts in to this facility. She has rebuilt most of the school. The playground is a safe and fun environment for the children. The school itself is wonderful. The school is safe, clean and completely great for any child to attend. It is a wonderful and excellent place for children to attend preschool filled with amazing, caring and compassionate teachers that know what they are doing. Anyone who steps inside will see the warmth, caring, and knowledgeable teachers and want their child to attend there as well.”
– Lola (Abigayle’s Mom)

“Nadia has been attending Cambridge Montessori for close to a year now. She has developed social skills, interacting, sharing and getting along generally with others as well as improving her listening skills and capacity to focus, to sit and complete tasks. We thank the teachers (Ms. Joyce, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Francine, Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Karine) for their dedication, patience and encouragement. All the teachers are wonderful, very calm and respectful, treating each child as an individual by responding to different needs and learning styles and capabilities while at the same time treating everyone equally. Nadia loves spending her days at school. She has formed many great relationships with the children as well as the teachers. I would recommend Cambridge Montessori also because the style of learning is great, children learn at their own pace and because they really want to. There are many hands on ways to learn so children really see and understand why something is done, for example, why 3 beads plus 5 beads equals 8, it is physically right there. This is very important; it is not just memorizing but understanding. Overall, it’s a very good place, we are very happy!”
– Jennifer (Nadia’s Mom)

“My daughter has been attending the Cambridge Montessori Children’s House since she was 2.5 years old. Since then, she has learned so much in so many ways, thanks to all the hard work of the teachers there. They are caring and loving which make as a parent feel comfortable in leaving my child with them. It’s really good to see my child going to her preschool happily and tell me about all the fun she had every day. The program also offers so much in academic learning and I am very pleased about that. It well prepares the children for future school and it gives them a strong start.”
– Patty (Shannon’s Mom)